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Swans and Sleeping Beauties

After a well dererved Christmas break we attended our first event of the year. After our show in CAE in December we recieved an invitation from Lucía Fonseca "Forevers noivas" to perfrom at her big bridal fashion event "Festinoivas" 2014 at Casino Figueira.

Lucía was very keen on the white tutus that we used for our Swanlake and Sleeping Beauty choreographies as it would go well with the theme. She also requested that our "Prince" would escort the main bride on the cat walk in the end of the show. 

 (nervous swans backstage)

The piece from Swan lake is called "dance of the cygnets" and is a higlhy technical piece on pointe which requires a lot of strenght, dicipline, team work and many many hours of painful rehearsals!! Yesterday, it was performed by some of our girls from our intemediate ballet group, all between 13-15 years old. Choreography tought by Maria Freitas de Branco who also once starred in Swan lake in her professional career.

watch the performace here:

Our Second ballet piece was from "The Sleeping beauty" and was performed by some of our talented grade 3 ballet students. Watch the performace here:     in the end of the video there is a featured part of "prince Diogo" walking the bride.

At this event we also had our own very talented young lady singing, Inês Simões, I will always love you.....